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The highly recognised Worked All Europe (or WAE) contest and awards have been in existence for a very long time and are familiar to many. The organisers of the SCOTIA programme have therefore decided to use the same European "country" list as that used by the WAE organisers.
Any SCOTIA 'hunter' whose national call-sign prefix appears on the following list (excluding the UK and Eire), or any WAE list published since 1996 (the qualifying start date for the SCOTIA Award), may therefore apply the points and bonus schemes pertaining to "European" stations.
However, SCOTIA 'Activators' from Eire will be treated as "European" stations.
All other stations outwith Europe (as defined by the current WAE list), be they 'hunters' or 'activators' will be considered as "DX" stations and may also apply the appropriate points/bonus systems.


Prefix Country Prefix Country
C3 Andorra OJ0 Market Reef
CT Portugal OK Czech Republic
CU Azores OM Slovakia
DL Germany ON Belgium
E7 Bosnia Hercegovina OY Faroe Islands
EA Spain OZ Denmark
EA6 Balearic Islands PA The Netherlands
EI Republic of Ireland R1/FJL Franz Josef Land
ER Moldavia S5 Slovenia
ES Estonia SM Sweden
EU Belarus SP Poland
F France SV Greece
G England SV/A Mount Athos
GD Isle of Man SV5 Dodecanese
GI Northern Ireland SV9 Crete Island
GJ Jersey T7 San Marino
GM Scotland TA1 Turkey (European Part)
GM/S Shetland TF Iceland
GU Guernsey, Alderney TK Corsica
GW Wales UA Russia (European Part)
HA Hungary UA2 Kaliningrad
HB Switzerland UR Ukraine
HB0 Liechtenstein YL Latvia
HV Vatican City YO Romania
I Italy YU Serbia
IS Sardinia Z3 Macedonia
IT Sicily Z6 Kosovo
JW Spitzbergen Island ZA Albania
JW/B Bear Island ZB Gibraltar
JX Jan Meyen Island 1A0 Sovereign Military Order of Malta (see 9H)
LA Norway 3A Monaco
LX Luxembourg 4O Montenegro
LY Lithuania 4U1I ITU - Geneva
LZ Bulgaria 4U1V United Nations - Vienna
OE Austria 9A Croatia
OH Finland 9H Malta (see 1A0)
OH0 Aland Islands    

It also appears that prefix Z7 exists on some WAE Lists, but no country details have yet been established.
(Any information on this would be appreciated)


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